SABE is an association of scholars who are committed to the rigorous economic analysis of the world we live in. SABE members possess a deep and abiding interest in how people actually behave because an understanding of such behavior is a vital determinant of the micro foundations of economics as a social science.

SABE welcomes the use of psychology, sociology, history, political science, biology, and other disciplines to assist in furthering our understanding of economic choice. SABE accepts and encourages economic analysis based on behavioral assumptions that challenge the basic premises of the neoclassical paradigm, or, alternatively accept those premises. SABE members consider the optimizing assumptions of neoclassical theory to represent an extreme but at times a useful subset of possible assumptions about economic behavior.

An important function of SABE is to serve as a forum for research which may not find either comprehension or acceptance in conventional economics societies or meetings. In this way SABE hopes to facilitate the further enrichment and development of economic science as a vehicle with which to further our understanding of the economy, past and present.

SABE sponsors conferences and session in conferences every year. SABE also publishes a newsletter twice a year which links and informs its many members throughout the world of SABE and SABE-related activities.

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